Meadgate Church - Worshiping Jesus in the community of Meadgate

Meadgate Church has been bursting at the seams for years. On 22nd July 2014 we signed the lease to rent 'The Orchards' in Mascalls Way, which enabled us to expand and serve Meadgate community in ways we have never been able to do before.

The vision is that Meadgate Church would be a family to the community; that we would raise up fathers to walk alongside the fatherless and mothers for the motherless. That we would love the community so much that they could not help but see Jesus. That we would build a place where the community would find refuge and hope. And out of this vision came the mission; to open a cafe and have counselling, mediation, debt advice, parenting classes, father mentoring and much more.

And so here we are today. With a building and a vision preparing to go into the land that God has promised us. It’s exciting, and a little scary, but above all it’s an honour. It is an honour that he would choose us to show His son Jesus to the community of Meadgate and that we might have the privilege of being part of the restoration that He is going to bring to people’s lives as we walk with Him in The Orchards.

Since taking on the lease, we now have the opportunity to purchase the site and its buildings outright. At the AGM held on 29th April 2018, the Church voted unanimously to proceed. We now need to find around £800,000 to complete the purchase and undertake essential repairs. More details to follow, but if you would like to find out more, please to get in touch.